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Shane O’Brien has been designing buildings for over twenty years: large and small; awarded and noteworthy; complex and simple; modest and immodest budget; commercial, residential and hospitality in nature. Amongst the text are images of some buildings that he has been involved with in a variety of architectural practices.

A small hotel I have worked on in the past at BHI Architects

An hotel complex

He has been fortunate to have developed a good amount of hands-on experience in building, however his strengths lie in nurturing projects through the design process to their fruition in construction.

A mixed retail/commercial office building that I have worked on previously at BHI Architects

A mixed retail/commercial office building

Shane has undertaken a series of senior architectural roles up to Senior Associate level and has developed a complete skillset for design, documentation and contract administration. He has accumulated extensive experience in managing demanding residential and commercial projects and possesses highly developed stakeholder management capability.


An award winning medium density housing development

His practical understanding of the building process – he’s been around construction sites since he was a child – means the design outcome will be both livable and buildable. His passion is to craft innovative, sustainable houses designed with careful regard for the client’s brief.

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